Sculptures by Tom Lowe

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Tom has been woodcarving for over 30 years. He started his carving career as a teenager working for a Sign Carver on Martha’s Vineyard Island. He spent 10 years carving there, then branched out on his own. 
Upon moving to Virginia he changed focus and started to carve wood bowls
and in 2010 he started to carve sculptures. 
Tom has a great respect and love for nature. He enjoys hiking in the mountains where no one else is around, this time alone with nature gives him great inspiration. 
He not only gets inspired by nature he finds formations in an ocean wave, a piece of kale or a fish. 
His artwork has a wide range of movement. 

Check back often as he is creating new pieces weekly.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone to check the availability of any piece.

Over Tom Lowe's 30 years of carving he has made many different bowls and platters. He is often asked what is your favorite shaped bowl.
"It would have to be the ones that I give as gifts to family and friends. These bowls are
made with the same quality as the ones that I sell,
however it is the feeling that I
receive from giving them that makes those bowls and platters special."

Over the years Tom has made Heart shaped bowls for Mom, sisters and wife. These
are special reminders to them of how much they mean to him.
The men and friends of
his life receive small handmade bowls for change or decorative art bowls which they use as coffee table accessories.
He wishes he had taken pictures of all the
decorative art bowls he sold or gave away over time.
Even though he does not have
visual pictures of these bowls, the mental images like of a leaf shaped bowl, or a large carved platter or dough bowl. He enjoys carving many different things, but he always get a great sense of joy creating just the right piece for someone. As with a good friend who requested a dough bowl. She has put that bowl on her kitchen table and says that it reminds her of Tom and that it will be treasured always.

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